Saturday Snapshots- Join us while we learn Food Photography


We love anything food.. We like cooking.. We love clicking.. We love writing, oh yeah blogging! The journey of food blogging hooked us(Siri from Sirisfood and Shweta Agarwal from Merry Tummy )to the beautiful journey of photography and to say food photography!We see an apple and a dream visualise in a million ways as how… 

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Top 5 Reasons I’m Moving from Blogger to WordPress!

Blogger vs WordPress

Right! Am here with a different topic this time! In case if you don’t know yet I have recently moved my food blog from Blogger platform to WordPress .So what are these keywords? In simple terms, Blogger and WordPress are two supporting blogging platforms which enable you to create beautiful blogs. Both.Both of these platforms… 

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4 Reasons to Eat Raspberries and a Brand New Home!


So did you like this new look of sirisfood? With a heavy yet happy heart I had finally moved out of blogger and treated myself with brand new online home. While I cannot talk anything low about my old home, I am pretty excited with the new destination. I will write more about my journey… 

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Watermelon Mint Cooler | How to make Watermelon Juice


I keep staring at my crystal clear blank screen..seconds and minutes passed by and still staring..and staring into a galore of  unlimited waves of fresh memories .While I sit down to pen down my thoughts that have been wandering all over my mind, I get to see a membrane coated with  millions of memories moving… 

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Vegetable Pongal | Spiced Vegetable Lentil Rice | Gone are those days..


Every day leaves you with some unforgettable memories and only when it passes by we would realise we had lost a day of our life..We were a bunch of friends,not that we tell everything that’s happening in our lives to each other but sure there existed a emotion between all of us which always kept… 

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Simple Summer Radish Salad

Simple Radish Salad

Why can’t the clock stop ticking for a while? Why can’t the butterfly stay on the flower for a second? Why can’t the jumping puppy stop playing and fit into my palm for a minute? And why can’t the beautiful  rose bloom though out the year..Why can’t the rainbow have all other pastel colours that… 

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