Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe | Summer it is!

Victoria Sponge Cake

Life is super busy right now ..Its summer time in London, days are long so as my schedule. Its the fragrance of freshness everywhere. I am hitting my local park every day to take my little puppy for a energetic walk, I see little flowers everywhere  blooming in the grass and babies running around and  doggies jumping all over..Its such a fun that summer brings along with it. This summer also motivated me to fix on a weight loss goal.Am not set with only keeping a goal and started working on it with loads of great determination. Yeah now you know why am not posting any cake recipes these days as am making them too less frequent! And of course am not even a good fan of cakes anyways!But eating cake now and then is perfectly al-right and when it is made at home..more perfaaaaaaaaaactly alright <3… 

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