Rasamalai(Sweet with milk and sugar)

Rasamalai is one sweet which my DH would do anything for it..It is th einly sweetest element on this earth which can make him smile..This is a very famous sweet which was originated from Eastern parts of India..

Ingredients 1 for making the rasamalai balls:
Milk-1 litre
Lemon juice -2tbsp
Sugar- 1/4 kg
Ingredients 2 for making the rasamalai
Milk-1 litre
Sugar-1 cup 
Badam or Almonds-Feel free to add as many as you want
Cashew nuts-as much as you wante :)
Pista or Pistachio-as much as you want:)
Green Cardamom  -5

How I made:
  • Heat a heavy bottomed vessel and pour in milk,bring it to boil.
  • Add lemon juice slowly and mix it well.The milk starts to curdle.
  • Stir until water get separated from the curdle mixture/solid of milk.
  • Now allow it to cool and drain the water by using a thin cloth or a kitchen napkin.
  • Knot the cloth tightly and keep a weight on it or you can simply hang it to you sink tap.Allow it to rest for some 3 hours.
  • Open and mash the mixture until it becomes soft and like a dough.
  • Make required shapes of your choice and keep them aside.
  • Add sugar and water in a heavy bottomed pan and bring it to boil.
  • Add the rasamalai balls and close the lid.Simmer it and let it be on flame for some 10 minutes.
The rasamala balls would have doubled in size by now..You can eat them as it is after cooling down or proceed to make rasamalai......This version is called Rasagulla also but I have decided to make Rasamalai with these :)
Final Stage:
  • Add milk from ingredients 2 in a heavy bottomed vessel or a pressure cooker.
  • Allow it to boil and then add sugar and cardamom crush mixture.Mix well and simmer for 5-10 min
  • Add in the rasamalai balls and keep it on stove for few more minutes.
  • Chop cashews,badam and pista and add to the rasamalai..
  • allow it to cool and keep it in fridge for 1 hour or so..Serve Chilled Rasamalai 

My rasamalai balls have been out of shape so pls excuse me for this time alone :)
And this rasamalai goes to the following events.......

Srav's Dish for Loved Ones


  1. one of my fave dessert. thanks for linking with my event

    1. Great to know your taste Ramya :) my pleasure to participate in your event dear!

  2. My all time fav dessert! Thanks for linking up to my event.:o)

    1. Oh is it.yeah it is a fav to so many in the world :)Wish you all the best for your event..Did you check out the ongoing event in my blog POTATO MANIA?Do send your entries.

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  4. Absolutely luv rasmalai but thinkin bout d process always deters me :-D You make it look it very simple though...

    Do drop by my space sometime. Happy cooking!


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