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Am back home from a wonderful vacation…We had a fantastic holiday in Paris..The view from top of the Eiffel tower is really breath taking…I felt very excited as I witnessed one of the world wonders..But sadly I haven’t seen Taj Mahal yet :( ..Paris is a beautiful city with awesome architecture..You should go for a night tour to witness the beauty of Eiffel tower..Sparkling lights make the tower more beautiful and gives a wonderful eye feast..One more exciting part is the world famous Disney Land…I went back to my childhood in that wonder land..I never liked cartoons in my childhood..But it is only now I understood how difficult it is to produce such funny Disney cartoons..It is really mind blowing..the cute cute mickies,miniature buildings..rides..altogether it gives a unforgettable experience..Am planning to visit Paris again for Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios.. Ok now back to recipe…this is a simple curd rice which can add lot of colours to your party menu..
Here are few pictures for you from my vacation:)

Curd rice is a very cooling agent after having lots of spicy food…Or you could just make this as a simple lunch box item on a crazy summer day..And the fruits in it add a nice taste to it..This curd rice I made it for a get together and everyone liked it..Thought this is a traditional item it has got lot of craze and if you go to any restaurant they sell it for not less than 50 bugs!!
I couldn’t take step by step pictures of this..Will update the blog if I make this again any time later..

What You Need:
Rice cooked softly than usual- 2 cups
thick curd – 3 cups
Milk – 1 cup
Sugar – 1/2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Any fruits if your choice – as many as you like..I used grapes,straw berries,apples,raisins
How I Made:
You need the rice to be cooked very softly..for 1 cup of rice use 2.5 cups of water.
Mash the cooked rice softy and add salt to it.Pour the milk over the rice.Add sugar nd mix it well.Let the rice sit for 1 hour.the milk and sugar will get coated to the rice properly.
Finally add the curd and mix well.Add the chopped fruits and serve.Add as many fruits as you like and mix it well.

Alternatively you could blend some curd and strawberries and use that for making curd rice..Super tasty it will be :)


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    Hey you came to Paris, am living in Paris too. Hope you had a fabulous vacation here.. Btw fruit rice looks awesome, wish my teddies love this fruit mixed curd rice..

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