Vankaya Sivangi Pulusu | Andhra Vankaya Pulusu | Spicy Brinjal/Egg Plant

Andhra-Vankaya Sivangi PulusuBrinjal is considered as the king of vegetables in my home state Andhra Pradesh which is the prominent among south Indian states. You can’t see any marriage menus without brinjal.It is widely called as Eggplant in the western part of the world. Any variety can be made using this eggplant including deep fries, gravies and also chutnies.And I really wondered to see this eggplant in Pizza too in my recent visit to ItalyJ Today it’s going to be a spicy and tangy gravy aka pulusu with brinjal which is called Vankaya Sivangi Pulusu in my native language Telugu.This spicy yet tangy Andhra Vankaya Pulusu is infused with the aroma of freshly roasted dals//lentils and mild tanginess of tamarind. It tastes heavenly with hot rice but tastes equally good with any kinds of breads too like chapathi or roti. In fact you will munch on the brinjal as it is!!
Vankaya Sivangi Pulusu recipe is just for you now !
Andhra-Vankaya Sivangi Pulusu
Pick up fresh eggplants always..If you see the skin is very shiny and even without any scars or folds  they are considered as fresh!!
Andhra-Vankaya Sivangi Pulusu
Serves 4 ;Takes 1 hour
  1. Fresh Brinjal or Eggplants ½ kg
  2. Tamarind juice out of 1 lemon sized
  3. Oil 4 tbsp
  4. Sesame powder 3 tbsp
  5. Fresh coriander 3 springs
  6. Salt as required
  7. Home Made Curry Powder 5 tbsp
  8. Jaggery grated – 3 tbsp

For tempering:

  1. Oil 2 tbsp
  2. Mustard seeds 1 tbsp
  3. Dried red chillis 2
  4. Hinge ¼ tbsp.
  5. Curry Leaves 1 spring
Click here for home made curry powder recipe!!


Wash the whole eggplants thoroughly and wipe the water with tissues. Slit them vertically with knife without cutting it to halve. Slit in the opposite direction again to make a plus sign. Make sure you don’t cut the vegetable deep such that it breaks into two halves. Carefully put some curry powder into the can see the below picture for getting clear idea
 Take a wide pan and heat 4 tbsp of oil in it.Drop in the brinjal carefully and roast them on low flame with a covered lid. Make sure not to burn them by checking and turning them in between.cook them till they are tender and little firm yet. They should not turn mashy but the shape should remain intact. This will take a nice 15 min of time
For making tamarind juice,soak a lemon sized tamarind ball in warm water for 10 minutes and squeeze out the juice discarding the pulp.You can add 2 cups of water to it for making the pulusu. Pour the juice over the roasted eggplants and adjust salt.Add the sesame powder, curry powder and stir well without disturbing the brinjals too much else they will break.After 5 min,add grated jAggery and cook the gravy under low flame for 20 min or until it thickens.
Sprinkle coriander leaves. Heat a tbsp. of oil and crackle mustard seeds, add hinge, red chillies and curry leaves. Pour this hot tempering over the tangy pulusu..
Enjoy hot tangy and spicy Vankaya Pulusu with hot rice!!
Andhra-Vankaya Sivangi Pulusu
Andhra-Vankaya Sivangi Pulusu
  • Curry powder is a must to get the perfect taste for this pulusu.
  • Don’t stir the gravy continuously which can break the eggplants.
  • Use sugar if you don’t have jaggery.
  • For Sesame powder ,just dry roast white sesame seeds in a pan for few min and then grind into fine powder.If it is already included in the curry powder,please increase the curry powder quantity for the same recipe.
  • If you are on the spicy side,add a tbsp of red chilli powder along with the curry powder but i liked it tangy.
Andhra-Vankaya Sivangi Pulusu
 Enjoy the Andhra famous Vankaya Sivangi Pulusu with hot rice or rotis!!
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    I love everything which is tangy n spicy…..this curry would surely satisfy my tongue….cant wait to make it my own….pls pass one bowl to me…..

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    I am drooling Siri.. I am literally drooling… I am making this. Confirmed.. I am not a great fan of brinjal by my hus is.. This will definitely make him happy…

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    My younger son will come by 10 p.m. from his office. My wife went to her sister’s house. My lazy elder son is preparing for PG Medicine. We have to take dinner. What to do? I found brinjals in the fridge. And I thought I would cook them…fry..? curry…? with tomato..? routine…Pulusu..excellent…but how…googled and found your recipe. Really it has come in such a way..oh…tasted good. All my family appreciated. Now its my appreciation…So Good. the way… I am a Police Officer and a good cook tooo….

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    My younger son comes from office by 10 p,m. My lazy elder son is preparing himself for PG wife went to her sister’s place and she too would come back for dinner. So…I found brinjals in the fridge. What to do? Fry…? Curry..? With tomatoes..? with aloo..? yeah..pulusu…but how? Googled….!!! And I found Siri. Tried as per the demo. Wow…its excellent. Thanks Mam. by the way…I am a police officer and a good cook toooo….


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