BBPC#1 | Blogger’s Buzz Photography Club Meet #1

Time spent with like-minded people will never go waste. Am having lots of fun this Summer. Have been roaming around so crazily and not wasting even a single weekend. This is my best Summer,I should say both in terms of travelling around and meeting my blogger friends. This summer was kick-started with a summer party thrown at Nisha’s place with a bunch of pretty girls. It was so much fun we shared lots of jokes on husbands along with finger licking food prepared by us. It was a kind of potluck party where in each of u cooked up something and flocked together to have a pretty afternoon. And yes we had!

And not to miss the blogging theme in our fun, here came the event of Blogger’s Buzz Photography Club Meet. As most of you know Blogger’s Buzz is a group of enthusiastic food bloggers based in London. Its aim is to create a platform for food bloggers to come together and share their passion for food, photography and blogging. We had already met in the starting of this year and had loads of fun and learning in the form of a full day workshop. Later we had a Summer party at Nisha’s place who is one among the BB team. She as a lead started this Blogger’s Buzz Photography club which aims at learning food photography techniques not only through understanding the theory but practice something which you learnt.

The first session was held at Nisha’s place and the concept was lighting, We discussed various type of light sources for taking a good photograph. From the whole experience I learnt that we do not require much light to shoot good photographs, also how to diffuse the light, create beautiful shadow effects and how to utilise back and front lights. We had a one hour session on the importance of lighting by the lead Nisha and then practice d shooting breads,tomatoes and a beautiful cake topped with tiny red currants. All together it was so much fun sharing each other’s knowledge and exchanging bits of information regarding various lenses and their advantages.

And now am eagerly waiting for the next session. By the way this club aims at meeting once a month and discuss about each topic to take good pictures. For those who are not in London opportunity awaits in the form of virtual club where in you can access the tutorials and aks questions to the forum. Please reach out to Blogger’s Buzz team or please feel free to leave a message here and I would take it forward.

Here are few pictures which I shot during the session. I totally loved the concept of practising whatever we learnt in the session then and there.

We will need to submit our best pictures to the BBPC team where in a guest will judge our work  based on the criteria of the month.This month its Kankana Saxena of Playful Cooking.

Participants of the session are 
Nisha Thomas acting as a lead(
Sireesha Puppala(
Hope you liked this story..I will meet you soon with an exciting recipe..!Until then take care..


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