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I didn’t give much thought then when I started this blog as how far I would go with food photography and blogging.The level I have been missing blogging is incredible.It has been an integral part of my life for few 2 years and then I had to keep away for a while from it due to some personal reasons.It is never late too to restart good things ..Yes am back to blogging and try to be consistent in posting ..for blogging has taken me to a different world where I have seen the heights of happiness..

“Fat gives things flavor.”
―Julia Child
And I dont compromise on flavour if it is occasional.Desserts occupy a prominent place in Indian Food.An Indian meal is never complete without a flavourful dessert which makes our tummies happy.Anything in limited portions is acceptableso you don’t need to make your faces straight when you are served with a warm bowl of aromatic carrot halwa that is indulged with Indian ghee and nuts:) Lets learn how to make carrot halwa which is a rich dessert that is made with juicy carrots,fll fat milk  and ghee topped with some rich nuts of your choice.The carrots are grated finely and cooked in warm milk until it reaches a halwa consistency wit the help of ghee.It is then topped with delicious crunchy nuts to give it a rich taste.The smooth and silky texture of the halwa comes from the richness and all goodness of fresh ghee.Carrots can be replaced with beets to give the same texture.
{Learn how to make Indian dessert ‘Carrot Halwa’}

What You Need:

  1. Carrots : 500gms 
  2. Ghee – 150gms
  3. Full fat or semi skimmed milk-500ml
  4. Sugar -200gms
  5. Cashews-50gms
  6. Dried apricots-25gms 
  7. Green Cardomom -3 

How To Make Carrot Halwa:

  • Wash and Peel the carrots cleanly.Using a fine grating machine ,extract grated carrot into a bowl.I opt to grate it super fine to get my desired consistency of halwa.
  • Heat ghee in a thick bottomed vessel and fry the nuts.Take them to a plate.
  • Add the grated carrot and fry it in the remaining ghee until nice aroma comes and raw smell goes off.
  • Add the milk and allow the carrot to get cooked in the milk and this would take a decet 30 minutes.
  • When the carrot becomes soft and almost cooked add the sugar amd stir continously untile the sugar dissolves.Cook for 10 mins and add ghee and cardomom powder crushed.

  • At this point the halwa texture comes in silky and thick.Using a spatuala keep stirring such that the bottom doesnt get burnt.
  • Add the fried nuts and give it a good stir and switch off the flame.

  • Melt in mouth carrot halwa is ready to serve warm.

  • Substitute carrots with beets and bottle gourd for a different version of halwa.
  • If you think ghee makes you fat just add a spoon  at end rather than while making the halwa.
  • Add kova or grated Indian paneer while adding ghee if you wish .It gives a different texture to halwa.
  • Serve warm with a sccop of vanilla ice-cream to enjoy the full taste.
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