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That spring morning,it was my time.Yes the time that I spend commuting to office is solely dedicated to myself.The utmost favourite thing I do then is having a heartful chat with ma aka amma(mother) cracking out jokes on my dad, gossiping about each other’s husbands and silly that and this.On the other day I found her voice so disturbing and having said that she had almost broken into anger.I maintained my cool and enquired what’s wrong with her.To my utter dismay the reason was the outdated dosa pan(crepe pan) which gave her  a tough time that morning while trying to prepare a breakfast for my dad. Apparently the dosa pan was no longer worth using and it has lost its non-stick coating long back when I visited India last before time.I felt so much guilt for ignoring such a thing.I sit in London and work hard  fo the benefit of my company which pays me few thousands of pounds but  ignored to take care of my mom’s daily needs who brought me and made me to stand in this world! Well dosa pan might sound like a silly thing to express my love towards her but that how she spends her days talking to those no longer  useful kitchen utensils.Soon I decided to  treat her with her favourite kitchen gadgets that day.I knew I need a bigger set of non-stick cookware such that my mom spends less time in the kitchen reading her favourite books.

So if I give the task to my father it would certainly take ages, so I decide to do it myself though online shopping.But it been a long time since I shopped anything online in India.Though a word of mouth, I came to know about a website called where you can shop many brands those sell goods that satisfy your needs.Well, if you want to buy your favourite pants you could definitely walk into the showroom or their online shops,but the catch here  is you get certain amount of you cash you paid back to your pocket when you shop through Cashkaro. This cashback will be on top of any discounts that individual shops offer.So you would get cashback+discount! Cool isn’t it? Not clear?
So what is
It is a India’s top cashback of many shops/sites like Flipkart,Amazon,Myntra,Snapdeal,Foodpanda and many others which are great and reliable sites to do online shopping which rewards you  various cashback offers .Yes I said CASH! All you need to do is select and browse through 300+ sites for the offers and discounts that suits your  needs and purchase them.While you pay for your transaction you get  a certain amount of cash back to your pocket!
You can purchase clothes,accessories,home stuff and even order food online to get these innumerable cashback offers,coupons and discounts.You could get your cashback by purchasing any category of goods!

How is cash-back possible?
Simple! The retailers pay commission to Cashkaro team when a transaction happens through it and then Cashkaro pays you a little amount of it as Cashback! Plus this is on top of various discounts that retailers offer!

How do you get you CASH back?
Simple, every time you purchase and get your cashback it will be accumulated into your Cashkaro account. Once the amount reaches to 250 INR you can request transfer it to your bank account! So its real CASH!

So did I get my Cashback?
Oh yeah ! I have used this India’s best cashback and coupon website to treat my mom with her most fav kitchen gadgets! My experience was a bit interesting which left me with a peace of mind at the end.I took time to browse through several cashback and coupons offers to select the best for my mom. Finally I have a chosen a product from one of the reatilers that had both cashback offer and a discount from the retailer.So I could manage savings few bucks in both ways.Felt very happy and satisfied with my experience.The product reached home safely and my mum was too excited to receive it in her hand!

My cashback was not tracked/missed initially but the Cashkaro support team were of great help in resolving the issue with a quick turn around time! But I will help you not to let this happen for you with the possible workarounds and some useful tips! Deal!

How to get Started and earn cash ?
  •  Simply create an account for free on
  •    Browse your favourite shop that offers great discounts and coupons and have the maximum cashback offer from
  •   Click through(never go the retailer site directly) the shop link and purchase the product as-usual
  •    Your cashback gets tracked in the back-end within 72 hours.
  •    Cashback gets confirmed in 4-12 weeks.
  • F  Finally it will be paid to your account.Once the cashback reaches 250 INR you can transfer it to your bank account!

Any other ways to win cash?
Oh yes! Refer a friend and you could get 10% of every purchase they make in future forever!
So its a cashback forever! Why not refer you friends and get a chance to earn extra!

What are the sites associated with CASHKARO?
Few  are listed below for you reference
·         Flipkart
·         Amazon
·         Myntra
·         Jabong
·         American Swan
·         Redbus
·         Foodpanda
·         Groupon India
·         Just Eat
·         MakeMyTrip

What can you shop through Cashkaro?
Fashion Accessories,Mobiles,Travel related stuff,clothing,electronics,gift item,flowers,kitchen and home products ,purchase travel tickets and even food online! So what else you need? Go grab a coupon and win cash!

Few things to note before shopping on Cashkaro
  • Make sure you go to the retailer’s website through Cashkaro in order to get your cash back! 
  • And make sure you are not signed out until you finish the transaction on the retailers website.
  • Be patient and search through several hundreds of daily discounts coupons and cashback offers.You could get a jackpot!
  • Update your bacnk account details(inorde to get your cash back deposited).
  • Cashback will be update within 72 hours of the transaction.
  • Cashback will be paid in 4-12 weeks of transaction.
  • Raise a query for missing caskback from your Account page .(Trust me the team is very helpful!)
What I Liked?
  • ·         Free to join and a easy registration process.
  • ·         Wide range of products/sites available for shopping
  • ·         Huge discounts and reliable cash-back offers.
  • ·         Payment choices are easy and pay on receiving the product
  • ·         Excellent Customer Support.
  • ·         Easy to use website interface
  • ·         And again…huge money savings and cash-back!

Do I really dislike anything about Cashkaro?

Well not really.There was only a little worried thing that my cash-back wasn’t tracked and I had to reach the customer support.The team is very friendly and and offer you support with a quick turnaround time.My cash-back was tracked within few days of raising a query! I got my CASH back!

So if you allow me to tell my bits?
It is a very reliable site(5/5) with easy navigation(4/5) to various sites and with excellent cashback offers and customer support(5/5).
Overall I would rate this website as 4.9/5 as I was completely satisfied with my transaction.

Join today here and get  cool offers discounts and huge cash backs by shopping your fav brands! I got my cashback..Why can’t you?

I will tell you one bit here before I end, Every time you travel purchase tickets through Cashkaro and you could have huge savings in your account soon!


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    oh it is like Quidco that we have in the UK..
    I have used this site for all my Indian shopping but I find this site slow…but yes it always good to have some cash back when we are spending :)

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