Simple Summer Radish Salad

Simple Radish Salad

Why can’t the clock stop ticking for a while? Why can’t the butterfly stay on the flower for a second? Why can’t the jumping puppy stop playing and fit into my palm for a minute? And why can’t the beautiful  rose bloom though out the year..Why can’t the rainbow have all other pastel colours that I see on these beautiful gals skirts..And why can’t the world just pause for a day .. And why am I sitting in the office for the whole day!  Am loving each and every bit of this summer..All I see is the beautiful puppies running in the green meadows and amidst of wild flowers and my heart running behind to catch them and cuddle them..little babies building sand castles in the beautiful parks..and the colourful blossoms of roses everywhere..Ahh!! I call this as Heaven..The English Summer is as beautiful as my childhood! And I fell in love with it..Simple pleasures of life are absolutely free.Fall in love with the sunset..enjoy the beauty around you and indulge in healthy food and a little chocolate now and then..Life is set! Siri is swinging in the cradle of fragrant memories that Summer is gifting her..


 And you ask me about clicking pictures? Oh my goodness this is the best time in my Life I would scream! All shades of light are mine..The late sunsets take my soul to somewhere only my heart can check-in.The funny movements of Butterflies,chirping sounds of birds..the buzz of bees ..Oh my god am totally totally in love with this world now..I wish my summer just stays on me forever..But life is a series of changes ..Isn’t it..I know slowly one day the sun is gonna leave me sooner in the afternoon..erm..but let me enjoy now!

Fresh Radish Salad

And I love summer for the variety of foods it offers us too..The vibrant shades of different stone fruits make my mood merry.And these crimson red radish has stolen my heart this summer..Never in my life I had tasted raw radish and the fact is am just loving every bite of this crunchy and sweet vegetable. And what else could be the great food of summer other than a refreshing salad seasoned with your favourite dressing..

Fresh Radish Salad

I made a simple salad for myself this late afternoon  to fill my tummy after an incomplete solo lunch..I was working from home today and enjoyed watching the Food Photography Workshop by WhiteontheRiceCouple..Oh boy! what an incredible learning it was! One should watch it and I bet no one would finish it without getting inspired! And I got my share as well..A huge thanks to Diane Cu and Todd Porter for the excellent knowledge sharing!
Fresh Radish Salad
There isn’t anything to talk about recipe in this as I had simply sliced some radish and sprinkled black pepper and a dash of lemon juice..You are set..A refreshing and healthy salad is all your..It keeps your tummy light and the water content in the radish keeps you hydrated.Also they are very filling without giving a spike in your calorie consumption.Also they are high in water content and rich in fiber so now you know why you should make this as your weight-loss food!
Fresh Radish Salad
Fresh Radish Salad

So what are you up to these days? I terribly miss baking and feel like taking an off from my wok to bake some lemon cake and a blueberry bread..Okay I will stop dreaming now and plan for any Sunday to bake..Did you like this salad? You could sprinkle some chat masala and cumin too and probably a spoon of yogurt makes it complete?

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