Top 5 Reasons I’m Moving from Blogger to WordPress!

Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger vs WordPress

Right! Am here with a different topic this time! In case if you don’t know yet I have recently moved my food blog from Blogger platform to WordPress .So what are these keywords? In simple terms, Blogger and WordPress are two supporting blogging platforms which enable you to create beautiful blogs. Both.Both of these platforms offer you free and premium services to build blogs while WordPress is worth more in terms of functionalities and features. Wait, I will tell you all my reasons to come to this conclusion! I was on Blogger for 2.5+ years and have seen many ups and so many downs while transforming my blog to give it an average look.After careful analysis, considerations and going through an almost emotional (seriously!) trauma I felt there was a strong need for me to switch from Blogger to WordPress. A change is always refreshing and of course challenging…Isn’t it? I will write my 2 cents (personal choices I would say) and try to give you some insight on why I had to make this decision to move out of Blogger and welcome WordPress into my food blogging journey!


Most of us..Isn’t it? With blogger, your blog can get disappeared without even you getting notified. Yes, Google (owner of blogger) owns your blog(hosts on its servers)and for any reason if it decides, it will shut down your blog forever and that too without even giving notice to you! I don’t want my years of hard work to get vanished in a second and that would be my most miserable moment in life if that happens.I love blogging and its my passion so I want my blog to be live for as many years as it can! I want it to be totally mine!

You might have some intermediate solutions like backing up your blog frequently but I wanted to move on to my own space ..

                                                              WHAT WordPress GIVES YOU?

With self hosted blog, you own your blog as a whole and no one have control on it. You are the owner of your blog, means you will host you blog with a dedicated/shared server offered by any hosting company. Thins will be in your control certainly!


      I worked (struggled) many late nights (after my full time day job!) to implement simple features on blogger  like inserting simpe social media icons or creating (still not succeeded) a beautiful printable recipe. Do you know that a printable recipe is something google search engine recognises it as an actual recipe? This means the chances are very high for your recipe to get into the Google search results with a well formatted printable recipe. I wanted some built in functionalities or plugins knid where I can easily insert them into my posts so that I could concentrate more on developing good content to my readers rather than fighting with the HTML coding. I already struggle with some sort of coding during my day job (I work as a Teradata Database Administrator) and I want to get refreshed with my hobbies.

           WHAT WordPress GIVES YOU?

WordPress offers innumerable plugins for almost all functionalities    and features like automated tweets as soon as you publish a new post, printable recipe card etc. You just need to install them, activate and start using them!


I don’t want to look like just another blog in the web and want to create a brand for myself.Ofcourse everyone would wish for it…Isn’t it? With blogger, the templates and designs available are very minimal, it would be a great challange and you need to work off your butt to create a special and professional look for your blog.Having blogged for 2.5+ years on Blogger. I don’t want my blog just to be a personal journal (like when I started blogging) anymore.I agree, Blogger is a great platform for starters!

                                                                       WHAT WordPress GIVES YOU?

WordPress offers thousands of themes to choose from which can enable you to easily change the design and look of your website/blog very quickly without much hassle.It can be customised easily without having much knowledge on HTML coding.

And the premium themes on WordPress offer more than what you think of it!


 Do you know the fact that Blogger blogs are harder to get indexed in the search engines results than WordPress?  With blogger you have that limitation of reaching less audience when compared to WordPress and they are not that search engine frinedly., Wait.. I agree content is the heart of any blog/website but after these many years of blogging,I want to go that extra mile and consider other factors as well that can boost up my blog readership..

 So what techniques I learn about making my blog search engine optimised?Yes am yet to learn a lot..but that doesn’t stop me to share my every day learnings with you..

                                                                      WHAT WordPress GIVES YOU..?

Do you know popular search engines Google loves WordPress blogs/websites? The simple features and functionalities behind WordPress blogs makes it easy for the search engines to read and index your site’s content. Am getting to know this lately and feel like moving to WordPress is the best decision I have made

So there is high chance for my WordPress blog to get listed in the search results than my Blogger account there by reaching as many readers as possible. Traffic is what every blogger wants after creating content…Right..?Do you also check your website/blog stats every now then like me?


 I felt the need to move on!  I somehow I felt my Blogger blog was stagnated in terms of design and look.I could’t implement any refreshhing changes that could appeal either me or my readers I believe. I wanted to enhance the look, feel and functinality of my blog with my desired theme and customisation.I wanted to take complte control over my blog and wanted a platform that is credible and famous over the Web, No doubt wordpress is the ultimate choice of any ne who takes blogging seriously (I know you Blogger users are serious as well J ) and the most well known brands like Trip Advisor and CNN makes use of WordPress for hosting their websites..Can there be any more inspiration than this?

Yes I decided to move on…With a heavy yet happy heart, I bid farewell to my old and first home of blogging !!

Finally am on WordPress and currently learning the tips and techniques of using it to the fullest! Oh yeah..Will share my learning for sure in my coming posts..

 I know I know…am not a pro to guide you or tell you what to decide and I agree that am completely new to this venture..But actually, you know what? That kind of newness is quite essential to learn more and I don’t want you to spend hours again for researching on the same when you feel like moving out of Blogger..

P.S .Shall I tell one more advantage that WordPress has offered me? It is not blocked in my work place network! I never got a chance to utilise my free time (if any) during office hours on my passions as Blogger is always blocked!!

So this is it! I know you would tell me 10 other reasons for not to use WordPress as hosting is not free here (unless you use aka But I decided to spend a little of my money on my passions and wanted each and every penny of it to be worth!Hence I moved on to WordPress!

I will write more about my journey to wordPress in my future posts .

Let me know what you think about this and if anyone of you have already been convinced with this post and started thinking about switching from Blogger to WordPress, you are most welcome to contact me for any help or even  if you have any questions!

Now let’s widen our knowledge track..Tell me your one reason for staying back in Blogger..

Until next time!



  1. says

    Hi Siri,

    Elegant look. Great decision. I hope you’re loving the migration from blogger to WordPress.

    One thing I’ve noticed after switching, the decrease in COMMENT COUNT!

    I know when you were on blogger platform, you were receiving 10+ comments avg/post, now none. And it’s common after the switch. Don’t put a damper on, you’ll be getting the best rewards soon :)

    Here are few suggestions from my end: use a top commenter widget, reward your commenters, and consider writing a free blog recipe post for the top commenter every month.

    Hope it helps.

    Keep rockin’ Siri.

    P.S: Welcome to WordPress


    • Siri says

      Hey Rahul,

      Thanks for visiting my space and can’t thank you enough for your guidance and help !
      Yes am prepared for this heartbreak(kidding) of not getting enough comments as I know am going through a trasition!Will take it slow and your tip is quite interetsing and sensible to implement and how can I not expect these tips from such a talented blogger! You rock man!

      Keep visiting my space:)


  2. says

    Great post Siri !I can already see you evolving as a blogger and your hard work towards this post and the transformation . I have been thinking about the same for a long time now and hoping to “move on” very soon myself :)

    Well done and thumbs up for taking the initiative !

    • Siri says

      Hey Nupur! Welcome back to the new home:) Thanks much for taking time to read the post and your feedback. Make up your mind soon and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. I will make a detailed post soon on my migration which might be of some help to you .And am always there to help!

      Thanks again!


  3. says


    thanks for the detailed post :) looking for more information on the migration from you. I am sure it will help others and make many change minds to do the move soon. I must say that the layout and the whole feel of the blog with the detailing looks amazing :). Wishing you all luck and success in your new home.


    • Siri says

      Hey Priya, Welcome to the new look dear! Glad that you liked the new design and layout and expecting your thoughts and suggestions as always.

      Am in the proces sof making one detailed post on the Blogger to WordPress migration and would publish it as soon as I can.


  4. says

    Very informative post, now am thinking myself why dont i change to wordpress, will book mark this page Sis, thanks again for being this much detail, i think one cant go wrong after going through ur post..Happy blogging sis.And the new look of ur space just rocks sis.

    • Siri says

      Priya Akka,

      Thanks a bunch for visiting my new space :) and am really reallye xcited to hear such feedback from a talented blogger like you. Sure you should consider changing and rech out tome in case of any doubts,Also am working on a post on the blog migration too so that would be even helpful for your decision.

      Thanks again!


  5. says

    yeeeeeee….happy dance for your move on..
    the topic is so perfectly covered and it will help many (including me) to take this important and confusing decision 😉
    I was thinking that you must add a disclaimer in the end mentioning that this post is not paid my wordpress (just a thought)…..
    over all i love the way you write :)
    Kudus…all the best:)

    • Siri says


      Seriously you are the one who likes anything I write :) thats a loads of inspiration for you every time I publish a post. thanks gal!

      Oh yeah this sounds like a nice idea as this post is completely up to my opinion and experience and learnings.will add it..thanks a lot for reminding this.

      As always keep visiting my space:) Hope this post has cleared out some confusions in you and do ping me for any suggestions on this.


  6. says

    I’ve been deliberating from a couple of months to move to wordpress. Its just that push that is needed. You have put very good reasons for me to be motivated to take this next step. Very informative post. Thanks. Have you completed the move?

    • Siri says

      Hey Preethi,

      Welcomt to my online home. Good that you found my post a little booster kinda for your thoughts on the move from Blogger to WordPress! Am glad you started thinking in depth now .

      Yes I have completed the move and working on the tiny changes that are mandatory to perfomr after the move.Leave a commenet here if you need any other information.

      Have a great day! Btw, your sewing work/blog looks great!

  7. Mira Steward says

    A little time back started to blog with Blogger and very soon realized that it isn’t able to filfil my expectations. Now I’m sticking to the best decision I ever made which was moving to WordPress (by the way I migrated using cms2cms online converter). WP allows to blog more seriously and professionally, no matter how skilled you are. In fact, it’s a dream come true for non-tech users like me :).


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